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Whether asthma can be inherited

2018-04-09 01:36:12

In life, many parents will ask whether children's asthma is because of genetics? The causes of asthma attacks in children are very complex, generally asthma attacks will be related to external factors, but there are also many own factors, Zhang Jialan pointed out that there is such a statement is genetic heredity, so it is affected by genetic factors and environmental factors.


The formation and recurrence of asthma in children is often the result of the combined action of many complex factors. Parents should expose their children to a small amount of viral infections and bacteria during childhood, which is conducive to increasing the body's immunity and reducing the occurrence of asthma disease. People who develop asthma as children have a greater chance of developing asthma as adults. It directly affects the health of adults, so early diagnosis and treatment of childhood asthma is extremely necessary.


Childhood asthma Asthma is a genetic component of a number of small but cumulative disease-causing genes. This genetic basis determines an individual's risk of developing the disease called susceptibility. The possibility that genetic and environmental factors work together to determine an individual's susceptibility to asthma is called predisposition.

Matters needing attention

If you notice the occurrence of asthma, you should start regular treatment immediately.