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Whether the splint is checked or carry-on

2018-04-20 04:48:27

Hair straightener is also an indispensable tool for girls to create hair, not at home or far away, are used. However, it is inevitable to take a plane to go far away, so can the straightener be brought on the plane?


According to the relevant regulations of the Civil Aviation of China, you can take a flat hair splint on the plane, because the flat hair splint is not a dangerous item and is in line with the regulations.


In addition, the flat hair splints on the market now have been treated with ceramic fog, and will not conduct electricity and explode, so you can take the plane with peace of mind.


The weight of free carry-on items is limited to 10 kg per first class and business class passenger and 5 kg per economy class passenger.


Passengers holding first class and business class tickets can carry two items per person; Passengers holding economy class tickets can only carry one item per person. The length, width and height of each carry-on item shall not exceed 55CM, 40CM and 20CM respectively.