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Whether to see true friends

2018-03-18 04:48:15

Friends don't have to be much, the key is to be sincere, even if you have a lot of friends, you have no one to help you this is not called friends. You have a problem, even if you don't say that you are a true friend no if he has any problems, he will come to help you. A careless friend may ruin himself.




Friend or foe


1, true friends, is a mutual recognition, mutual admiration, mutual appreciation, mutual perception of the process. Each other's advantages, strengths, highlights, beauty, will be reflected in your mind, even if it is a little valuable friend, it will become your upward energy, become your lifelong benefit of the motivation and source. A friend's wisdom, knowledge, ability, and passion are magnets and forces that draw you closer. In the same way, everything about you is also the process of knowing and perceiving friends.


2, a true friend does not depend on career, fortune and identity, does not depend on experience, location and situation, it rejects utility, refuses to belong to, rejects contract in nature, it is the mutual echo and confirmation between independent personalities. It makes people alone and not alone, and interprets the meaning of their existence to each other.


3, a true friend is simple and true, will stand in a higher position than a friend to get along with it, will not have any requirements for friends. Because, once there is a demand, "demand" has become the purpose, but friendship has been transformed into an external decoration, friendship has become a busy tool.


This information comes from experience


5, adsorption and bonding, often with purpose and utilitarian desire, or subtle or strong, in short, it seems that some intentions; And penetration and integration, it is not, the clouds are light, the wind is sudden, the clouds are quiet to go, no desire, no demand, is the most sincere handshake of the soul, is the purest need of emotion.


You don't know how many friends you will meet in your life, and you don't know which friend is your enemy in your life.

Matters needing attention

Friends are not transactions, friendship is unable to be loyal to their own, their own people as a true friend, others have you as a friend, that is someone else's business.