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Which linen color looks good

2018-03-18 12:48:14

Flax is popular, and many girls are asking which color system looks good in flax? Today, let the hair stylist tell you one by one, the fashionable girl is dyeing these six flax hair colors, may wish to take a look.


This is one of the most personalized hair colors of linen, and dyeing shoulder-length straight hair into this lightest linen color will not only enhance the trend, but also be quite eye-catching, and make you look less fashionable in the street.


Light flax is one of the most popular flax colors, which can line your skin with white and red, and it is really fashionable and good-looking with short neck hair.


Dull green linen is also a very good hair color, with a little dull blue feeling, and the essence of linen, can be said to be perfect! Pair it with loose medium hair, and it will blow up your eyes in no time.


Dark linen looks quite brown, this dark linen will be more low-key, the hair color is darker but does not affect the beauty, with medium hair is as beautiful as it is not.


Brown fusion of this flax is also a popular hair color this year, both show fair skin and sweet fashion, very suitable for short hair girls to choose, easily can temperament outstanding.