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Which mistakes you should pay attention to when investing money

2018-05-10 09:36:39

Recently, Xiaobian found that investors often have some misunderstandings in financial management, some of which are harmless, but some may allow investors to suffer economic losses. Today, the period about to explain to you several platform financial management common misunderstandings.


Lower returns = Safer? High yield = High risk This is common sense, but lower yield really means safer? The answer is no. As some bad financial platforms seize the investors' mentality that low return equals low risk, they do the opposite when propagandising to investors and deliberately control their return rate very low to attract the favor of some conservative investors. Therefore, investors still need to conduct strict review and selection of financial platforms with low return. The contract allows investors to invest easily and enjoy safe, efficient and stable asset appreciation.


Bigger platform = Safer? Of course, out of common sense, it must be that the longer the operation time, the higher the stability of the enterprise, but for the online financial platform that has emerged in the past two years, this may not be very practical. Although the old platform has some advantages of the old platform, but with the continuous development of the market, there are many platforms worth investors' attention, and it does not need to be a big platform from income to operation to security. This requires investors to have the ability to see the pearls.


Fast withdrawal = Safe? Many investors are very anxious when they withdraw cash, it is best that I withdraw cash now, 2 hours later can get to the account. However, this is not practical for the online platform financial management industry. After all, it's not like Yu 'e Bao and bank transfers. When investors withdraw cash, the platform finance should also be strictly verified to ensure authenticity. Otherwise, if there is a system vulnerability or hacker attack to modify the website database, it will cause irreparable losses for the platform and investors. So when investors withdraw cash, please do not be too anxious. At present, the popular is t+1 to the account, the larger bank may be able to achieve the same day to the account, not that the platform is unwilling to give you the money, but to ensure the authenticity and security of the platform and investors. Our core value is to be proficient in finance, mutual trust and mutual gain.


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