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Which voice translation software is better? How to translate English speech into Chinese

2018-01-03 08:00:00
How to realize the translation of speech? Now many students will listen to the speech to improve their listening, when listening to English speech often have their own do not understand the place, if they can not understand it will think of translating the speech into Chinese, then how to translate the speech into Chinese? Today Xiaobian has brought you a speech translation software, easy to use speech translation method, do not believe to see!



Document translator

Specific how to use also need to see the following operation introduction:

Open the document Translator on your desktop, select the Voice translation feature on the left function page, click and upload the required audio.


Click the "click Upload audio" button, select the target audio file, of course, you can also directly drag the file into, support four formats of audio, when uploading pay attention to oh.


This information is obtained without authorization from Baidu Experience


Now you can start the translation, click the "Translate" button, the software will translate the added voice file, wait for a moment.


The content of the translated document will be displayed in the display box on the right, and we can preview it.


If you feel that the translation is not a problem, you can save the file, click the "Export file" button, choose the save location oh.

Matters needing attention

English speech translation into Chinese method is like this, the use of this speech translation software is still very convenient, Xiaobian think the translation accuracy is still quite high, if you need to try oh!