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Who is Black Ice Ge Chong Zhi

2018-04-14 01:36:26

Black ice is a financial broker. This kind of person is both to do things, and deal with black organization figures, but also hanging a white reputation of justice, black organizations need them to money laundering, etc., organize them to understand the inside information of black organizations. Since ancient times, the whole country of Switzerland was once a large Ge Chong Zhi. Indian politicians' black money, white money, all flows through Switzerland. Black ice plot description a pile of cases in the market, attracted the attention of the relevant departments. Because the intersection of this case is in a woman named Liu Mei, and she is the city's pharmaceutical manager. So, the department sent Wang Jingwen to enter the pharmaceutical industry as an investor, secretly collecting evidence. Pharmaceutical industry boss Guo Xiaopeng is everyone envy of the diamond king five, Wang Jingwen and he feel like a friend. Unexpectedly Guo Xiaopeng on the surface of integrity and progress, but secretly is an old cunning big drug Lord.