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Who the 30 players are

2018-02-23 16:00:00

The number 30 jersey has been worn by many players, including Ben Wallace, Crawford Robinson, Steve Francis, Stephon Marbury, Rasheed Wallace, Bernard King, George McGinnis, Terry Porter, David West, Randle, Kenny Smith, Terry Rollins, Seth Curry, and many others. 1. Ben Wallace (born September 10, 1974 in White Hall, Alabama, United States) is a former American professional basketball player, center, nicknamed "Big Ben" (Big Ben). Attack is the technical shortcomings of the big board, defense is the foundation of Wallace famous league, fierce style of passionate, outstanding sense of defense, can be called the league's top interior defense warriors, blue-collar model. 2, Clifford Robinson (December 16, 1966 - August 29, 2020), born in Buffalo, New York, United States, former professional basketball player, nicknamed "Uncle Cliffy" (Uncle Cliffy). 3, Steve Francis (born February 21, 1977 in Takoma Park, Maryland, United States), former American professional basketball player, playing point guard, nicknamed "Boss Fu" (was Yao Ming's rookie season of the big brother). 4, Stephon Marbury, born on February 20, 1977 in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, former American professional basketball player, serving as a point guard, nicknamed "lone Wolf" during the NBA period, is also the first foreign aid in the history of the CBA to obtain China's "foreigner permanent residence Permit", the current CBA banned Warriors men's basketball coach.