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Why does the Ministry of Transportation give every test two chances

2018-04-28 03:12:39

Because everyone's study is not easy, afraid of unexpected situations on the scene leading to failure, so each exam gives two opportunities. According to the Regulations on the application and Use of Motor Vehicle Driving License: Each test includes one test and one reexamination on the spot if you fail. There are five opportunities for the Motor Vehicle Driver Subject 2 examination (up to a maximum of 10 opportunities). Note: Starting from the third registration, each registration must pay the exam fee. Subject 2 Exam content: reversing into the warehouse, climbing at fixed points, right Angle turn, S bend, side direction parking. The person who applies for a motor vehicle driving license shall comply with the following provisions: (1) Age conditions: 1, apply for small cars, small automatic cars, mopeds quasi-driving type, at least 18 years old, under 70 years old. 2, apply for low-speed truck, three-wheeled vehicle, ordinary three-wheeled motorcycle, ordinary two-wheeled motorcycle or wheeled mechanical vehicle quasi-driving type, at least 18 years old, under 60 years old. 3, apply for city buses, medium-sized buses, large trucks, trolleybuses or trams quasi-driving type, at least 21 years old, under 50 years old. 4, apply for the tractor quasi-driving type, at least 24 years old, below 50 years old. 5, apply for large bus quasi driving type, over 26 years old, under 50 years old.