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Why don't we have seven floors in student housing

2018-04-28 08:00:08

Because elevators need to be installed on more than 7 floors, the risk will increase, so student dormitories are generally five or six floors. There are several points to consider when choosing a dormitory: First, consider the distance between the dormitory and the teaching building, which may allow you to get up a few minutes later. Second, considering the distance from the dormitory to the canteen, there may be more than one place to eat in the university, considering the actual situation. Finally, of course, consider the environment of the dormitory, the university dormitory usually has different levels, can choose four rooms or six rooms, of course, is the best, bed under the table. 1, safety issues: the bed in the school is not like the big bed at home, sleep must pay attention to safety, the upper bunk must check whether the guardrail is intact. 2. Daily life: Keep a good relationship with your roommates in order to help each other when in trouble. Eating, fetching water, going to class, etc., are generally accompanied, it is best not to go out of school alone, pay attention to protect your valuables, although the school is safer, but it is inevitable that there are thieves, and try not to borrow your personal belongings. Do not cause conflicts with classmates at school, let alone fight at school.