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win10 system installation steps

2018-03-12 03:12:17

The use of win10 is more and more common, in this and you share a u disk installed win10 system method


Flash drive


Windows 10 system image file


1. Insert the prepared Chinese cabbage u disk boot disk into the usb port (desktop users are advised to insert the u disk into the usb port at the back of the host chassis), and then restart the computer. When the startup screen appears, use the startup shortcut key to guide the u disk to start and enter the main menu interface of Chinese cabbage. Select "[02] Run Chinese Cabbage Win8PE anti-blue Screen version (new computer)" and press enter to confirm.


2. After successfully logging in to the Chinese cabbage pe system desktop, the system will automatically pop up the Chinese Cabbage PE one-click installation tool, click the "browse" button to browse the win10 system image package stored in the u disk in advance.


3. In the pop-up open window, open the Windows 10 system image package stored in the boot disk of the Chinese cabbage u disk.


4. After opening the system image package, return to the Chinese cabbage PE one-click installation tool window, specify a disk as the system disk for installing the win10 system, and then click the "OK (Y)" button.


5. In the pop-up confirmation window, click "OK (Y)" to restore the system, and wait patiently until the system is restored and the computer is restarted.


This information is taken from experience without authorization