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Win7 only uses a wireless network card to achieve wireless relay and wireless AP

2018-03-25 09:36:29

First of all, unlike the general wireless AP that turns a local connection into a wireless card, this discussion is about using only a wireless card without involving a local connection. Nowadays, it is increasingly common to use multiple wireless devices such as laptops, tablets, and smart devices (including ANDROID, IOS and other operating systems) at home, in dormitories, or in some public places. Sometimes, especially in some outdoor occasions, how to amplify the weak wireless signal to other wireless devices, or only one laptop has a password to wireless Internet access, but there are multiple wireless devices to use, then wireless relay and wireless AP is particularly important. Usually have a wireless relay router general price is relatively high, and in some outdoor occasions, can not use wireless routing, the method in this paper can easily use the Windows 7 itself Settings, do not need a local connection and only use a wireless network card, wireless relay amplification, with virtual AP and through the automatic allocation of IP, Provides wireless sharing for multiple wireless devices. Here's how I successfully tested it on two windows 7 Home notebooks.


First of all, in the Network and Sharing - Change adapter Settings, delete the existing bridge, and then the status is as follows:


Then in Start - All Programs - Accessories, run "Command Prompt" as a manager, as shown in the figure.


Enter the command line (1), as shown in the following figure. sameabcd is the ssid of the subnet, and 12345678 is the password. netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=sameabcd key=12345678      (1)


See the diagram below for Networking and Sharing - Change adapter Settings. Entering netsh wlan start hostednetwork (2) will not start the host network (skip it if you can). What to do?


This is the place to pay special attention!! In order to be able to run the command line (2) to start the hosted network, I explored a simple solution, that is, first bridge the wireless network connection with the virtual generated wireless network connection 2, see the figure below. Please note that the bridge should be performed after both are set to automatically obtain IP addresses, and after all temporary point-to-point SSIDs in the network and shared-management network are removed.


Entering the command line (2) under the dos you just ran as a manager 'activates' the startup of the bearer network. As shown in the figure


Then immediately delete the bridge you just created! You can use a single wireless network card to set up a wireless relay, that is, in the network and sharing - change adapter Settings, the wireless network connection (abcd) that is already capable of wireless Internet access is shared with the wireless network connection 2(sameabcd) that has just been generated. See the schematic diagram, and then run the command line (2) to achieve a wireless AP after the trunk. In this way, other wireless devices can connect to sameabcd, using the same network card abcd Internet access, so that the perfect wireless network relay and wireless AP.


Note: The following two batch files can be used to start and unhost the network, and then run start.bat as a manager: netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow netsh wlan start hostednetwork stop.bat: netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=disallow