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Woman, you can get married later

2018-03-13 14:24:16

As long as one leaves school, does not work, and comes home for the New Year, the most asked question is "there is no object" and "when do you plan to get married", in fact, we in our 20s really don't need to be so anxious to entrust ourselves to go out, look around married women of the same age, they live really happy? Getting married later is not a sad thing for an old leftover woman, but a mature stage where happiness is more likely to be achieved. Why is it easier to get happy by marrying later?


Stable economic conditions at the age of 24, 5, our economic ability is average, with a short-lived young capital, but we can obtain the stability of economic life after three to five years of hard work. At this time, we are in a better position to ensure the stability of the marriage. First let yourself have the economic conditions to live a good life, have the capital to maintain themselves, have their own life pursuit, then marriage is suitable for you.


After the experience of life, we are no longer capricious and unreasonable, and we know what we need, what kind of partner we want, and what kind of life we want. A happy marriage is more likely to result from rational choices. Thought mature, women will be more beautiful and attractive, because appearance is depreciating with age.


When you rise to a certain height, you can choose boys may not be as many as when you were young, but it must be high-quality men, they have the same height of thought with you, but also more rational. Such men and women are easier to combine into a family, and family life is more stable.


When you have more life experience, you will be able to deal with things more maturely. Taking children after marriage, getting along with elders, dealing with the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, doing human affairs and other life trifles, all need an inclusive heart and the ability to deal with things.


When women reach a certain age, most of the heterosexual friends around them basically have the same interests, so the marriage objects they can meet are basically reliable, and both men and women have been biased towards maturity, and they have a strong sense of responsibility for their marriage. Experience is actually the human heart, the distance between heart and heart is closer, it is more able to understand each other.


The ability to identify people once women fall into feelings is very easy to hurt, the reason is not all in the boys, many times can only blame their own lack of insight, so that those who are not worthy of their own love hurt. Don't get married when you're young unless you know more than 90 percent of this person.

Matters needing attention

A woman, want not to be hurt too much, can only learn to be independent.