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Workplace grooming etiquette -- Always let the other person die first

2018-02-23 14:24:00

Call every day, but for how to hang up after the call, many people will not pay more attention, and most people will think: who calls first, who hangs up first. In fact, this is not the case, Xiaobian summed up a good grasp of the small details of hanging, through the details to improve their personal cultivation, develop good hanging habits, more help to enhance your personal charm, remember to always let each other hang first.


Glockenspiel is an jewelry sales staff, one day, just when she was busy, received a customer call, glockenspiel after listening to the other party a long question, only do a simple answer to hang up. Before the other party said goodbye, he heard the glock-harp side "click" hang up, the customer was stunned, he did not expect glock-harp will hang up before him, and his heart was very unhappy and muttered: "So hurry, hurry to reincarnation ah!" Later, when the customer chatted with the glockenspiel's boss, he talked about the glockenspiel hanging, and the boss came back and gave the glockenspiel a lecture, and deducted her bonus for the month. It's not worth losing an important client by answering. Therefore, even if you have a lot of work to do, you can not show impatience when answering, especially when answering complaints about your work or situation, listen patiently, let the other party finish their words, and then analyze where the problem is in the end, calmly discuss the solution with the other party, so not only retain the customer, but also leave a good impression on the customer.


Remember that the customer hangs first, especially the sales staff, must remember one thing: always let the customer hang first. Customer first, for sales staff, not only in words, but also at any time to keep in mind. At the end of the conversation, it should generally be put forward by the party who plays, and then say goodbye to each other politely, say "goodbye", and then hang up, and not just hang up after talking. And when putting down the handset, pay attention to: do not directly put the handset back on the phone, but use the other hand to gently press the spring, confirm that it has been hung up, and then put back on the handset. Perhaps you also have such experience: when talking about things, was about to thank the other party, thank the word has not finished, was hung up by the other party. No, who is it? It must be hard to be in a situation like this.


You can hang up after saying "goodbye", first press the break with your hand, and then button the microphone, but do not throw it hard, so that the other party is shocked. If the other person is His Holiness, whether you are answering or calling, let the other person hang up first.