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Yixing road trip guide

2018-03-18 19:12:50

Yixing road trip strategy is what, I believe that many friends are very interested in this problem, the following to introduce to you, hope to help you.


First go to Shanmo Cave, the famous lime karst strange cave, Yixing three strange first, the whole hole is divided into upper, middle and lower after four holes, the hole is strange and connected.


Then is Yixing bamboo sea breeze scenic spot, is a national 4A level tourism area, the scenic spot across the three provinces, a radius of more than ten thousand acres of bamboo can be called the bamboo sea.


Then go to Longback Mountain Forest Park, tens of thousands of square meters of lawn in the park, so that tourists linger, you can also go to pick tea, the growth of Yangxian tea.


Then go to the Muli Cave Scenic Area, the sacred land of Tao Zu, set Yixing pottery, tea, bamboo and cave scenery in one, with unique causes and superior geographical conditions to create a first-class ecology to form a first-class landscape.